Mission A is an independent communications company.

We create meaningful and lasting engagement between
great companies and their most important stakeholders.

The Idea

Build genuine relationships with your stakeholders.

Get this right, all else will follow.

We focus on authenticity and clarity ensuring meaningful interactions that build trust.

We craft tailored strategies for genuine and enduring connections.

The way we communicate is undergoing a revolution


  • Trust has become a critical issue, especially amid the rise of dis/misinformation

  • Audiences are looking for deeper engagement beyond standard advertising

  • New app privacy measures are complicating digital marketing

  • The vast majority of communication today is through Dark Social, using private channels like messaging apps, which makes it almost impossible to track and measure


All this at a time when companies and brands, and their leaders, are being asked to directly connect with their stakeholders in more authentic and meaningful ways.

At Mission A, we develop and implement communication initiatives that create lasting and meaningful connections between great companies and their most important audiences. 



Mission A - What we do, and what we do NOT do.

What We Do NOT Do

Charge excessive overhead or pass on legacy costs.

Push work down to juniors and subcontractors.

Burden you with layers of decision-making.

Make you just another “account” in a portfolio.

You work directly with our leadership. We dedicate our full attention to you, because we are not juggling clients. We are proudly nimble, focused on building bespoke and tailored plans.



The Work

We specialize in communication, engagement, and reputation management, empowering leaders and organizations to build trust and communicate with impact.

We help you connect and engage with your key stakeholders, and build the reputation you deserve.

Mission A Speak Up


Mission A Our Team

We work with businesses and their leaders in industries including telecommunications, professional services, technology, pharmaceuticals, fashion, cannabis, real estate development, and retail.

Our public service strategic communications initiatives have included the governments of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and across the MENA region.