Mission A worked with the leadership team to create and execute a communications strategy focused on building a stronger relationship with the media, facilitating fundraising efforts, and improving government relations.



The organization operates within a complex matrix structure, which is resulting in conflicting priorities and communication obstacles.

High staff turnover has created communication challenges, impacting alignment and messaging coherence among diverse internal and external stakeholders.

Limited public awareness impedes stakeholder engagement and fundraising opportunities.

Achieving consistent external messaging across diverse stakeholders will be complex due to the need for tailored messaging. 



If the client showcased its immediate, impactful outcomes and how it fills a critical gap in the public sector, there would be increased stakeholder support. 

Show potential investors the exceptional expertise and innovative approaches that drive significant change.

By setting a new standard of transparency and public accountability, it can outpace competitors and showcase the team’s genuine care and leadership.

Authentic, jargon-free messaging that is consistent and resonates with stakeholders will make the CEO more accessible, solidifying support.




Conduct stakeholder analyses to define each group’s unique needs and tailor messaging accordingly, ensuring alignment and flexibility amid changing expectations

Developed and launched a public relations and media relations campaign targeting key stakeholders and potential strategic partners to increase awareness and garner support for future growth.

Produced a fundraising communications campaign, including presentations to potential funders, highlighting the organization’s impactful and cost-effective work.




Media Recognition & Increased Brand Awareness:  4,000+ mentions in national and international media, establishing the client as a leader in its field.

Financial Stability & Investment: Secured seven-figure funding, ensuring financial stability and opening doors to further investment opportunities.

Exponential Business Growth: Achieved a fivefold increase in business outputs following the implementation of the communications strategy.