Building genuine and lasting connections with stakeholders through digital channels is incredibly effective but requires a sharp focus on the target audience and clear, measurable goals. Digital messaging is its own strategy and should be treated as a distinct strategic asset.



The existing digital strategy lacks clarity and focus, leading to missed opportunities and inefficient resource allocation.

The digital efforts have been underperforming, and the team needs new direction, leadership, and opportunities for innovation.

Many major organizational efforts lack integration, resulting in missed opportunities for creative or innovative digital initiatives.

The team has stagnated and needs change management to guide individuals and teams through key transitions. This process may take time.



With a clear, aligned digital strategy that incorporates team input and defines purpose,
audience, and Key Performance Indicators (KP|s), there’s immense potential for rapid audience growth.

A few quick wins with key players could reignite innovation, engage the staff, boost morale, and drive momentum forward.

Leverage the brand’s existing recognition and goodwill, and with a compelling narrative, reignite audience interest and forge a deeper connection with the digital product.



Supported change management and continuous improvement through active participatory leadership communications, creating regular engagement with key teams and providing transparent, consistent reminders of goals and objectives.

Identified champions to launch several easily achievable initiatives, showcasing quick wins and broadly sharing their impact, with a focus on creating buy-in for future successful approaches.

Established measurement and evaluation processes, utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and data analytics to gain insights into audience behavior, regularly evaluating impact for optimization.



Revitalized Team Engagement: Successfully energized a global team of 800+ employees across 80+ offices, fostering renewed enthusiasm and commitment through clear communication of “wins” and the impact of new initiatives.

Audience Growth Despite Budget Cuts: Achieved significant audience growth despite unexpected reductions in operational and capital expenditures. The team identified and prioritized successful initiatives with the most impact, adapting effectively to still achieve substantial growth.

Increased User Engagement: Drove a significant increase in user engagement, with a 41% rise in users, 13% increase in page views, and 31% increase in sessions.

Boosted Video Engagement: Achieved a year-on-year increase of 46% in minutes watched and 32% in views.