Wilf Dinnick


With over 25 years of experience in communications, Wilf has worked in dozens of countries, helping clients problem-solve and drive transformative change.

As an accomplished strategic communications expert, Wilf has extensive experience in both private and public sectors, and a proven track record of supporting businesses, brands, and organizations. He has worked with governments, including the Government of Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, and across MENA.

Wilf is a seasoned entrepreneur and an award-winning former senior editor and journalist at some of the world’s largest news organizations. He was the Middle East Correspondent for ABC News, International Correspondent for CNN, and ran Al Jazeera digital, in charge of all platforms, teams and editorial for global coverage.



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We take pride in understanding the accelerating changes that are reshaping our world. 

Businesses, brands and leaders must absolutely meet the growing demands of both their employees and consumers, in new and meaningful ways.

Our team appreciates working in a company that is nimble and can scale when needed, without passing on legacy or excess costs.

We do not delegate your work or create unnecessary layers of decision-making.