Some of the best moments as a journalist were being forced to confront personal biases head-on. Usually, it was when I was thrust into situations that were not accessible to the public, and you got a peek into another world.

I was in Haqlaniyah, Iraq, a small town nestled along the Euphrates River. It was after the US invasion and the insurgency was raging. I was with a small unit of US soldiers, and I was expecting to spend the week with ‘door-kickers.’ Instead, I watched dedicated professionals trying to do their best in an awful situation, and tackle incredibly complex challenges, all while taking “fire” every few hours. It changed my view of the armed services, and I really questioned the media’s portrayal of soldiers.

Now back in Canada, I have had the good fortune to work with Canadian veterans, many of whom served in Afghanistan. Once again, I am in awe of their unwavering commitment to service. So many of them spend their free time (and their money) trying to honor Canada’s promise to bring deserving Afghans to safety.

Several organizations have led an effort to raise awareness of this issue, including Afghan Women’s Organization UTIMUS and donations from the luxury clothing and accessory brand Stolen Riches.

This is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate our veterans for their hard work and the deserving Afghans who were promised a path to Canada.

I hope you support them too.

Other great organisations – Coding for Veterans + Aman Lara + True Patriot Love Foundation.